Name Report - Printed

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This is a printed and bound copy of your Name Report. It is mailed to our though the post office.

For a free Name Report by email visit: Free Name Report.

Included with your printed Name Report package:

  • an in-depth evaluation of all your names -- legal name (first and last), most-used names, nicknames, business signatures, previous names
  • analysis of your inner potential and birthpath
  • free telephone support for any questions
  • privacy and full confidentiality assurance

Phone consultation and Support

There are many nuances and subtleties to the influences of your names and your inner potential.  These are best explained through one-on-one discussion.  To expand on and to answer any questions on your Name Report™, we offer you free telephone support from one of our consultants.


Our strict policy is that all the information you provide us to complete your  Name Report is kept strictly private and confidential and is used only in preparing it.  We do not sell, trade, re-use, disclose, or distribute any mailing address, e-mail, or personal information in any way whatsoever.

Additional Info

Additional Info