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Cycle Chart is a unique planner that will significantly improve your skills in the management of time.  When you use a Cycle Chart, you will be able to plan and create your future successfully by working with the natural rhythms of time from seeding (starting) to fruition (successful completion). Your personal chart is based on your date of birth. 

This is chart is in PDF electronic format and email will be sent to you with the attached chart after we process your order on our next business day. It is not the printed chart version.

You will be in a cycle year of 1 to 9 depending on your date of birth, so you can keep these charts to use again in 9 years.

Each chart runs from January to December for the calendar year you are ordering.

After we receive your order we will determine the cycle year you are in based on your birthdate for the calendar year you are ordering for. This PDF file of your Cycle Chart will be emailed to you on our next business day.

Each chart Includes:

  • overview of The Cyclic Law
  • detailed description of your cycle year 
  • diary page for yearly objectives
  • detailed monthly cycle summaries
  • planning pages
  • detailed daily summaries with key cycle hours noted for important undertakings

Reviews (2)

Alandra Valecourt 2017 Sep 18th

Use it every day

I had been trying to use numerology on my own to find the right name, but didn't get it right, and my life didn't change. I was missing some pieces of the puzzle. The Kabalarians know how, and the money I spent for the Balanced Name Recommendation was money well spent. My life is changing for the better a bit more every day now. I also recommend the Cycle Chart. I consult it every day. It is such a relief to be in tune with the flow of the cycles instead of fighting upstream.

Garett Hennigan 2017 Aug 13th

Great Product - indispensable for planning your efforts

I use it every day in my daily planning. Know when are the action days and when to hold back.

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