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This is the book, Life's Purpose, in audio book format. There are MP3 files of the book. Great listening in the car on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

What is your purpose? Why are you here?

Everyone wants to know what life is all about and where they fit into its picture. The missing key to the clarity and perfection of the picture as universally broadcasted is the knowledge of how to focus individual mind. 
In reading this book, you will gain a new perspective of the reason of life and the important role you have to play.

The following is the prologue and introduction by Alfred J. Parker:


Perhaps, it may sound presumptuous for me to attempt to translate life's purpose when millions of people are floundering in the sea of mediocrity without the slightest knowledge of their own individual destiny, not aware that they have any particular purpose in life. Of such is our world of misfits, people without hope, without fulfilment. To them the world is so vast and they, so insignificant. Little do they know that being an individual channel of universal and conscious mind, they represent the greatest power in the universe, either for good or evil depending upon the knowledge and balance of their minds.

It might be termed that God the Principle of Conscious Intelligence is ever broadcasting the Divine Plan or the reason of being, as the light and film in a projection machine throws the light and drama upon the screen, which in the universal sense means: life. The missing key to the clarity and perfection of the picture as universally broadcasted is the knowledge of how to focus individual mind. The missing key to life and wisdom is the principle of how to focus and clarify human concept that man might see to a greater, deeper, and broader degree, the picture of life and the part he must play as that focusing medium called and designed as God's temple, the instrument of Conscious Intelligence.

Because man's mind is not focussed to wisdom and man depends upon self and human experience as a guide, everything man attempts seems to lead to chaos and confusion. Even the seemingly tremendous progression of modern science has only led our civilization, if it may be so termed, to the brink of an atomic doomsday where perhaps the greater part of species may be destroyed for thousands of years. The human race of today may be smart but lacks divine intelligence. The salvation of life upon this earth depends upon, and is contained in, that greatest of all mysteries--human mind--and until that key has been discovered, man will dwell in a world of animal and human emotion where man will become the greatest destroyer and killer of all times.

Mind is the only potential to divine wisdom, to love, service, unity of spiritual purpose, and universal brotherhood. Uncontrolled desires and emotions are the pathway to complete destruction. Already, man is destroying everything that is fine and beautiful upon the earth, having unleashed passion, human greed, and complete mental distortion of the true facts of life. Man is completely lost; science has not the key to wisdom, truth, and cause, but has merely stumbled upon a few facts through a distorted concept of effect. Already science realizes that it has not the answers to even the most simple of human problems. There must be an answer to the clarification of human concept; and to this cause, the writer offers the following humble discussion of points that seem so relative to constructive mental and spiritual progression, for man must progress with the ages or be forced to start right at the bottom of the rung of evolution, time and time again. Too many empires have fallen, showing lack of continuity of mental and spiritual wisdom, lack of human fulfilment and destiny.


Yours in Service,

Alfred J. Parker

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