Your Birthday, Your Spiritual Purpose

Your birthday defines your spiritual purpose in life, your natural path of expression. 

There is a time in each of our lives when we really want to know what is it that we want to do with our lives. We think about doing something worthwhile, something meaningful. Then as time passes we adjust to the idea, “What is it that I can do to occupy my time, instead of thinking about what truly is my purpose in the cosmos.

Sometimes as a child, we draw, sing, or write poetry and plays, or we strive to master a musical instrument or we philosophize about the meaning of life, and then as time goes by, we put many of those things aside and get involved in school, peer pressure, the right education, job choices; then we experience the demands of work, of making money, having a family, dealing with the happy and sad times, and so the question of what to do with our lives is lost in the maze of experiences—some happy and productive and some sad and bitter.

Yet deep within, there is dissatisfaction that does not go away especially at those times when life is not too easy. Then the questions are there. “What am I living for, what is my purpose? Am I just wasting my time? What is it all about? What about me?”

There is an answer. Your birth date defines your spiritual purpose and path in life, the reason of your being. That beautiful power within that came with your first breath of life can be measured and understood. Thus you will know how to guide your creative thoughts, decisions, and actions to fulfil your purpose.

Write down your date of birth. Let’s say it is December 12, l974.
December is the 12th month, then in this case we have the 12th day, and 1974 is the year. Add all the number together:

12+12+1974 = 1998

Now reduce to a single digit:

1+9+9+8 = 27

Then again:

2+7 = 9 birthpath

Thus a person born on December 12th, l974 has the purpose in life or birthpath of the 9 quality. All birth dates should reduce to a number between 1 and 9. A free Name Report will do this calculation for you.

What is your purpose?

If your birth date reduces to a 1, your path is to lead the way, taking the initiative to set the pace for others as you search for the truths of life. Within you are qualities of originality, ingenuity, positivity, and strength. Your leadership is an example to others. You are creative and could enjoy working with your hands. You appreciate the freedom of being in the outdoors and enjoy sports activities. Mostly, you will enjoy working on your own or where you have the independence to make important decisions.

If you are a 2 birthpath, your tact and understanding are best used in working with people. You are a natural peacemaker working to blend the ideas and opinions of others into one harmonious whole. It is your role to understand the heart and mind of others and help them in the solution of their problems. 2s excel as social directors, or in any occupations dealing with the welfare of others.

If you are a 3 birthpath you must bring forth the keynote quality of self-expression, a magnetic quality of love for people and enthusiasm for life; to use the Power of the Word to influence and help others in a constructive way. Naturally creative, a 3 excels in public speaking, in sales and promotion, art, drama, or as entertainers.

To the 4 birthpath we owe our scientific progress. If you are a 4 birthpath, you are naturally analytical, mathematical, scientific, technical, and systematic seeking the truths of life through fact and form. The 4 also loves home and family and being creative in things such as cooking, crafting, and fixing anything mechanical. The 4s are wonderful technicians, computer whizzes, teachers, engineers, or architects.

If you are a 5 birthpath, your path represents change and progress, to seek new ideas, meanings, and theories to ensure constructive changes happen to improve world conditions in some way. It is the path of the reformer. Being highly creative, you would excel in any field that is not routine—in sales, advertising, music, art, and journalism to name just a few ideas.

The 6 birthpath is stable and positive, seeking answers to the problems that face mankind. If you are a 6 birthpath, responsibility for others is your keynote quality. The 6 is here to surmount obstacles and shoulder responsibility for others because of the 6’s reliable, steady qualities. You could excel in either creative or artistic occupations, in responsible business positions, in public office, or as leaders in charitable institutions.

If you are a 7 birthpath, your keynote quality is placidity and philosophical thinking. You are meant to bring out the depth of knowledge and understanding of the deeper reasons for life, to help others through your writing and self-expression to see the beauty and intelligence behind the life we see, that there are greater reasons for living. Being naturally sensitive, you are drawn to the outdoors, the beauties of nature, and the refinements of life. Being creative, you could excel in writing, drama, music, or in outdoor occupations.

The 8 birthpath is the quality of justice. If you are an 8 birthpath, you are meant to demonstrate the principles of right living and to share your knowledge with others. You are meant to occupy positions as a leader where you can see that people are treated justly and equitably; in economics, politics, law, or as a business leader.

If you are a 9 birthpath, you are a natural teacher as you have an inborn desire to lead the way and help people. Your love of people must be universal so that you can serve along the path of wisdom and truth. 9s excel in drama, public speaking, music, art, design, interior decorating or working in hospitals, or as defense counsellors.

Understanding your birthpath offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore your potential to its furthest limits and bring you to a point of unsurpassed harmony and success. The Kabalarian Philosophy offers a complete guide to life.

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