Why would name changing make such a difference in my life?

I recently received an email from a visitor to our website who asked the following question:

I would like to understand the meaning of why name changing would make such a difference in our lives?

Name changing is based on the premise that all life is vibration, motion, or energy. Everything from the smallest particle through all the kingdoms of life to the human family has a purpose to fulfil. Each element in the periodic table has its mathematical position expresses different energy levels in sequence from the simple to the complex making each element what it is and what it can do alone and in interaction with other elements.

A rose seed contains within it a power we cannot see. Through growth the energy in the seed is transformed into a beautiful rose plant. It is through the motion of life and the interaction of energy that growth takes place and we see the fulfilment of the power that is behind life and within all things. All species beneath mankind unfold their purposes naturally–their reasons for being express instinctively.

With people it is different. We must grow to understand and express consciously our greater purpose in life. What does the human family have that makes us different from the other kingdoms? It is language. Letters in all the alphabets of the world have mathematical positions (just like the elements in the periodic table) and their mathematical positions create degrees or varying qualities of intelligence–the energies of creative thought and expression. Alphabets are like the keys on the piano. They are the symbols in mathematical sequence for the energies of sound. If we understand music, we can compose and play music from the simple to the great orchestral arrangements. It is the same with the letters of the alphabet. Each letter stands for certain qualities of creative intelligence. If we do not understand how letters should combine in names, then often the energy in names is somewhat discordant and hampers growth.

The time we are born and take our first breath of life, a life power becomes a part of each of us, also measurable, but it is the name given to us by our parents that creates our mind and the means by which the life power within can express. It is so important to have a name that is in harmony with the inner qualities, otherwise, we experience unhappiness, frustration, and discord because the power within is one thing and our mind and thinking is another. That should not be.

A balanced name is harmonized to the inner potential so we end up doing the things we should be doing, experiencing the joy of living, and the happiness of fulfiling our core purpose. The Kabalarian Philosophy has had over 80 years of helping people to better their lives, because with a balanced name, you are attaching yourself to a harmonious energy of intelligence that will allow your purpose to express freely without limitations and restrictions.

Those of us who have changed our names were amazed at the changes that took place—the greater happiness and relaxation, the freedom from physical and mental tension, better health, greater success in business, and the chance to take advantage of the better opportunities that came with a balanced destiny, as well as naturally expressing our reason for being.

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Lorenda Bardell