Baby Name Recommendation Package - Newborn plus 1 parent

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Note: If you as the parent do not have your own Balanced Name Recommendation choose this option.

In choosing and using a Balanced Name for your child, you will be harmonizing your child's thinking to the natural qualities of his or her inner potential. Establishing a balanced name is an essential first step in creating a successful life.

Expressing one's intrinsic qualities brings greater happiness, peace of mind, and success. Just as a painter, given a full palette of colours, can create all the subtle and intricate shades of colour in a painting, your child can now draw from the strengths of every aspect of constructive thinking in creating a fulfilling life.

This service includes:

  • Balanced Name recommendation for
    1 newborn and 1 parent
  • Business signature recommendations
  • Analysis of the Balanced Namesrecommended for you and your newborn
  • Steps in changing your names
  • 1 hour of consultation support to assist you with your Balanced Name Recommendation. Your consultation time can be used through one or several calls or via email
  • Balanced Name Certificates issued from our office after you have confirmed your selection of your new balanced name and your newborn's balanced name
  • 3-month Cycle Chart (based on your date of birth) to assist in planning your activities

After placing your order we will contact you by phone and email to discuss your specific requirements before completing the Balanced Name recommendation for you and your newborn. Call us at 866-489-1188 (International 604-263-9551) if you have questions before placing your order.

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