Life Analysis Training plus Balanced Name Recommendation, Cycle Chart, Consultation Package

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This is the online version of our live course, Life Analysis Training.

This is an easy and economical format for people on the go to study the basic principles of the Kabalarian Philosophy as all the training modules are on-line and include audio (mp3 files) and study material (pdf format).

What you will learn:

  • how mind is created and measured
  • how names influence your thinking, personality, desires, and experiences 
  • how to make your life more successful and fulfilled
  • how to develop your inner potential 
  • why people think the way they do 
  • how to communicate with your friends and associates 
  • how health weaknesses can be determined 
  • which vocations are most suited to your natural abilities 
  • how every aspect of your life can be understood, strengthened, and improved 
  • how to handle stress 


  • the nine basic characteristics of human behaviour 
  • name analysis 
  • birthpath--your inner potential 
  • compatibility / relationships 
  • benefits of a balanced name 
  • vocations / careers 
  • description of all possible name combinations 
  • effect of names upon businesses, objects, and pets 

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You Will Receive:

  • 16 comprehensive lessons
  • 255 pages of on-line lesson and reference material
  • 20 hours of online video and audio classes
  • Downloadable MP3 audio of all classes
  • 122 page workbook - step-by-step guide so you easily understand these principles
  • Dedicated course assistant for all your questions
  • Mentoring by email or phone whenever you need it

Included in this special package:

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