Balanced Name Recommendation - Adult - Premium Best Choice Package with Online Course

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This package includes everything in the Premium Support Balanced Name Recommendation package plus these extras:

  • Online course, Life Analysis Training (View the Table of Contents)
  • 1 additional hour of consultation support to assist you with your Balanced Name Recommendation or your online course. Your consultation time can be used through one or several calls or via email

Premium Support Package includes:

  • choice of 30 to 50 first names
  • choice of 30 to 50 last names
  • as well as spelling modifications of current names where possible
  • best business signatures to ensure stability and success in your business projects and affairs
  • best personal signatures
  • compatibility and career recommendations
  • product support via phone / email and Skype
  • help in choosing names from the recommended lists
  • we work with you until you find the name that you are comfortable with and is balanced to your inner potential.
  • advice on how best to establish your new balanced names
  • Analysis of the Balanced Names recommended for you
  • Balanced Name Certificate issued from our office after you have confirmed your selection of first and last names and signatures
  • 3-month Cycle Chart summary to take you to a new level of time management planning
  • Detailed 12-month Cycle Chart
  • View comparison grid of the three packages: Standard Package, Standard Plus, and Premium Best Choice

This is an easy and economical format for people on the go to study the basic principles of the Kabalarian Philosophy as all the training modules are on-line and include audio (mp3 files) and study material (pdf format).

What you will learn:

  • how mind is created and measured
  • how names influence your thinking, personality, desires, and experiences 
  • how to make your life more successful and fulfilled
  • how to develop your inner potential 
  • why people think the way they do 
  • how to communicate with your friends and associates 
  • how health weaknesses can be determined 
  • which vocations are most suited to your natural abilities 
  • how every aspect of your life can be understood, strengthened, and improved 
  • how to handle stress 


  • the nine basic characteristics of human behaviour 
  • name analysis 
  • birthpath--your inner potential 
  • compatibility / relationships 
  • benefits of a balanced name 
  • vocations / careers 
  • description of all possible name combinations 
  • effect of names upon businesses, objects, and pets 

View the Table of Contents

You Will Receive:

  • 16 comprehensive lessons
  • 250 pages of on-line lesson material
  • 20 hours of online video and audio classes
  • Downloadable MP3 audio of all classes
  • 122 page workbook - step-by-step guide so you easily understand these principles
  • Dedicated course assistant for all your questions
  • Mentoring by email or phone whenever you need it

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Reviews (1)

Adryanna Ciera 2017 Sep 7th

Changed my life - very helpful support

A friend of mine had been having some difficulty with one of her young children. This daughter was very bright; she was also very stubborn and refused to do as she was directed by her parents and teachers. My friend had heard of the Society of Kabalarians and decided to contact them. Together they came up with a spelling change for her daughter and, seemingly overnight, the girl shifted into being kinder and more responsible. This got my attention! I have always had great respect of the indigenous people of this planet. As a child I remember hearing that as children grew into adulthood they were given a new name, one that would show their accomplishments or abilities to all the people. I also have a memory of a tribal elder holding a new born up to the heavens and declaring this child as ...whatever name they chose. It seemed so important to them and the whole tribe was celebrating the new member of their family. That really touched me then and has stayed with me all of these years. Remembering this, it was pretty easy for me to give Kabalarian a call. When I read the Name Report they sent me, I was amazed by the accuracy. I spent a few days reading it over and over and I made the choice to take the leap and change my own name. I was about to turn 50 and felt that it was a good time to make some positive changes in my life. That was in December of 2008, the legal papers were signed February 2009, wow, and it's only been 2 years. I say that because I feel like a different person. It's hard to remember how 'heavy' life had felt before the new name changed all of that for me. I know this is the part that you want to hear if you are considering changing your own name...What feels so "different?" you ask. The way I experience the world feels different, that's all. I used to feel that life was quite serious, that I had to be my impeccable self at each moment especially in my career and raising my kids. I was very focused and good at what I was doing, but not a lot of fun. People depended on me to do things that they should have been doing and I was always willing to give up my time to assist others (at the expense of my family and my social life). Now, I am very clear on what is important to me and I have no issue saying 'no' when appropriate. My family and friends will attest that I am a lot more fun and much more available to them. The insecurity that I used to live with is no longer even present in my life. That is an awesome statement, yes? It is true completely. I can do my morning exercises barefoot in the park and not even think to look around to see is I am being watched. This is a very different experience from the way I used to be. Also, I am an artist and it matters not to me what anyone says about my talent or ability, I just sculpt because I love it. And I love doing what I love doing these days. I am joyful most of the time. Also, I look different, my face is softer, my neck is relaxed and I no longer have swollen ankles and feet in the evenings. Also very cool. I am working with the Society in naming my business as well. It has been a fun process and you will not meet a more dedicated, kind and helpful group of people. Best wishes on your journey. Adryanna B. Ciera - Arizona

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