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This course explains the importance of right eating, right breathing, and right thinking as the basis of good health and vitality.  It contains basic principles that will enhance your potential and assist in changing your life.

Prerequisite: Life Analysis Training and Cycle Management Training

Create life-long good health with a cleansing diet, deep breathing, and happy thoughts.

Key Topics:

  • Be happy and laugh more to create vibrant health.
  • Energize with breathing and relaxation exercises.
  • Understand how your thinking leads to good health.
  • Leave with knowledge to transform your life. 

Thoughts are things, we are told. Thoughts are energies of mind. Knowing how your thinking creates positive or negative energy will be an important key in living life to the fullest as well as solving potential health issues. It is a known fact that regardless of the quality of food eaten, one’s mental happiness or discord can alter good foods’ chemical structure so the good food is of little benefit. We need to understand the thinking processes to determine what creates the various reactions in the body right from the common cold to the more serious diseases. 

In this study program we will share with you the interconnection between the mind, body, and spirit and how balance in mind leads to joyful living and abundant health. You will appreciate the value of a balanced name for a healthy mind and body. Join thousands of people worldwide who have taken our Healthy Living program and made immediate positive changes through the use of these powerful tools. You will understand how to apply mental focus and deep breathing to build energy in mind and body. Create relaxation using deep rhythmic breathing. Eat well and keep happy! 

Experience the harmony and confidence of knowing at last you have the tools, resources and motivation to achieve greater harmony, happiness, and life-long good health. Happy thoughts are healthy thoughts! 

Online Course includes:

  • 8 classes of online videos, work groups, and reading materials.
  • personal assistant available to each student
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