What's In Your Name? (PDF Download)

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Why read this Book?
This book can change your life. It may be one of the most significant books you will ever read. Why? Because it will reveal to you the principle of how every person’s unique thinking pattern is influenced directly by the names they use. Their personality, their qualities of thought, and even their health weaknesses are all influenced by the names they have used in the past and present, and any names they use in the future. 

After you review the theory of the relationship of mathematics, language, name, mind, and Consciousness, carefully read the descriptions of the fifty or more popular names included. You will be probably know friends, family, or associates that use these names. Generally you will find these descriptions very accurate. Remember that the first name is only half the story. The surname and the total mathematical formula of both names have far-reaching effects on their pattern of thinking as well.

The Principle of Name
Mind represents a combination of conscious energies that are combined based upon the mathematical formula of the names. Unfortunately most parents name their children without any knowledge of this principle. When you combine reactive chemicals together, you sometimes get an explosive mixture. In the same way, when you name an infant without an understanding of the principle of name, you can create a mind that suffers all the limitations of those names, including the mental and physical tensions that are predictable and even the health challenges they will be prone to. 

Mr. Parker studied people and names diligently to fully understand this principle so that he could assist people in overcoming the challenges that ensued from using unbalanced names. Because unbalanced names are the cause of the discord in thinking, he pioneered the understanding of mathematically balanced names which, when used consistently, offset the discord of the previously used names. He gave name change recommendations to thousands of people and had the truth of this wisdom demonstrated in consistent constructive changes they experienced when they took balanced names. 

Currently more than two million people have had their combined names analyzed, and most recognize the accuracy of the analysis. Not everyone is ready to change their names. We are attached to our names because it is who we are! But if we want to overcome our current limitations, the basic cause of mind is only understood and predicted through this principle. If you want to change and improve, you have to start with your thinking – and that, you will realize after reading this book, comes back to your names.

Take Action to Improve your Life
Prove this principle to yourself. Read this book first. Study the name descriptions. Get your own names analyzed for free online at the Kabalarian Philosophy website. Most importantly, recognize that the great intelligence of life is not haphazard. It operates through basic laws understood through mathematics. Your life has a conscious purpose. When you are conscious of these laws, you can work in harmony with them. This fosters personal growth towards greater mental freedom, a stage of spiritual expression accomplished by a balanced mind. 

This principle of name has ramifications in our physical well-being, our mental freedom, and our spiritual attainment. How else is attainment accomplished except through mind? Physical well-being is predicated on mental well-being. What is more important to you that understanding the key to mind so that you can grow past the limitations that have held you back to-date? 

If you have a family, this principle will help you give your children the best opportunities that they can create – because our thinking pattern is the key to our future. If you have a spouse, this principle can allow you to create greater harmony and happiness between the two of you.

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