Philosophy 1 - How To Be Mentally Free

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This course teaches that freedom is a concept of mind, attained through the gradual developement of universal understanding.

Prerequisites: Life Analysis Training, Cycle Management Training, Healthy Living, and membership.

Key Topics:

  • Be happy! Be logical.
  • Breathe for mental freedom.
  • Understand mass-mindedness.
  • Maintain your mental freedom and peace of mind.

Logical thinking creates individuality and freedom from mass- mindedness and obsessions. How can logical thinking be developed? That is the key to mental growth.

You have learned the fundamental truths of life such as the Mathematical Principle, the cleansing diet, the power of breathing and relative breathing exercises, constructive thinking, the control of emotion expressed through such avenues as temper, moods, criticism, jealousy, ego, selfishness, the purpose and ideal of the individualized spark of Consciousness, and the universality of all things as symbolized in One breath, One life, and One God Principle

You must now take the impressions, experiences, and decisions within your life and relate them to the fundamental truths that you know are basic and correct. Analysis is the means of sorting out life and clarifying one’s perspective of the larger picture of which you are a part.

In this study program you will understand the origin of thought and the building blocks of mind. You will have the tools at your fingertips to eliminate confusion and unhappiness. You will know how mass-mindedness is created and avoid its many pitfalls.


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