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The world is in a scientific age in which man demands facts and logic, and everything must conform to progress. Nothing stands still in nature; one goes ahead or falls back. Man is progressing scientifically but degenerating physically and morally, all of which is due to his false concept of life and lack of spiritual principle. We find spiritual leaders deserting their own source of wisdom, the Holy Bible, and turning to modern psychology for the solution to human delinquency; they have failed to find the answers only because they have failed to follow the admonition, “Seek and ye shall find.” The key and the answer to the age old mystery, life, is to be found in the esoteric understanding of the Scripture, particularly in the first three chapters of Genesis.

The following chapters are the sincere and humble effort of the author to bring to light the astounding wisdom that for so long has been lost through misconception due to mistranslation of symbology of the Scripture.

The world does not need a modern version of the Holy Bible; instead man must seek the esoteric meaning, for truth and principle never change.

Yours in Service Alfred J. Parker

The Book of Genesis - Introduction

Man has been seeking vainly for the solution to human problems, little realizing that the key to the mystery of life is contained in the Holy Scripture in the first three chapters of Genesis. There are many people who disbelieve any form of religion; these people are termed atheists. Yet any thinking person can see the evidence of a supernatural intelligence working in nature, manifesting through form, energy, space, cycles of time, seasons, the law of growth, the natural laws, human emotions, mind, and lastly, conscious intelligence, all of which are correlated into life through the principle of equilibrium.

God Is Equilibrium

It is a simple matter to see this great correlating force manifesting in planetary phenomena to create the universe. In this respect, we see the principle of equilibrium working through the eternal rhythmic movements of the planets, keeping everything in constant motion without a fraction of digression. This is the universal concept of life that is visible to people of vision and imagination. It is around this divine power of harmony that the essence of true religion is conceived, for religion is actually the theory of mental balance and spiritual unfoldment.

Balance—the Middle Path

To establish a material reality, which is an outward or unfoldment practical manifestation of inner forces, requires a practical understanding of the laws of nature and of mind; thus we see that the perfect state of existence necessitates a perfect union between the inspirational and practical minds. This is an example of the law of balance between the positive and negative principle, which holds good in all manifestations of life.

Because man has not yet discovered the true Spiritual Principle through which to understand and unite the two opposite forces in perfect understanding, we have the two distinct types of mind today: inspirational and religious, and the direct opposite, the practical and scientific mind that deals only in fact, disdaining what is termed baseless and illogical theory that is unprovable. 


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